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for my cousin there's no going back. >> the daughter of sammy "the bull" gravano the admitted mass murderer gotti helped put him behind bars where gotti died in 2002. granddaughter of another that killed even more people than sammy "the bull" he was portrayed in donnie bros co by al pacino. it sounds in reading your book, i am going to do something your father tells you in jail that goes against everything i ever believed in and everything i ever told you guys to believe in i am going to cooperate with the government and testify for him. i loved him wanted him out of the prison as soon as possible turning over state's evidence was against everything he ever taught us to believe in. you are more concerned about him ratting out his friends than him killing the 19 people he confessed to. >> at that time i was young i was 19 years old. i didn't know where i was going to go after that. i felt like my wife was ripped out from underneath me. that's all i knew. i wasn't thinking about murder what's going to happen to me and my family. i felt be trade i thought my father taught me something
? >> more than you know. >> is he the young sinatra? >> sammy stop it. >> have fun storming the furher. >> good luck, bob. >> i still think it's funny. jr i bet you disagree. >> here's the thing. you can make any jokes you want, but there is something that's always missing. if you're going to make a hitler joke, jew joke, holacaust joke, that was just the beginning of the night. basically black people's contribution to film were made minimal. >> i think whenever a white man decide to say put black face on, it's usually a bad idea. they should probably avoid doing it. there will always be people offended by it. why take that risk? i was more offended that just tin bieber was in that ask it. >> i disagree. i don't disagree with you that strongly, because i don't think it's a big deal. first of all you can't make jewish jokes. >> every time billy crystal makes a joke, it's a jewish joke. >> i think some of this, michael and you might relate to this as i do, it's a little generational. you guys, sammy davis jr. was not part of your life. in general if we give up black face the country will
appeared as sammy davis, jr., in black face! then for the rest of the evening, no black face. (laughter) you've got to commit. did sammy davis, jr., ever stop pretending to be a black man? no, it's a shonda! well, that's not what made me mad. this is what made me mad! >> i grew up in new zealand pakistan. (speaking french) >> stephen: we have outsourced our self-congratulatory stroke fest! (cheers and applause) this is the movies that are destroying america! fracking. oscar edition. first up "the artist" which usurped five trophies last night including best actor, best director, and best picture. now, i didn't see this movie. i don't see any film that doesn't have the number "2" or the word "furious" in the title. (laughter) turns out the artist is a black-and-white french film about the golden era of silent movies. sorry, francois, but if i wanted to pay money to see a black-and-white relic i'd buy the "new york times." (laughter) and naming this best picture is an outrage! when you buy a movie ticket you are paying for sound and light and plenty of it. (laughter) when i go to the movi
now "mob daughter" written by karen gravano the star of the show "mob wives" her father is sammy "the bull" gravano. one woman's brother was murdered on the orders of gravano. she and her victims are fighting back. roseanne massa join us what do you think of the fascination that everybody has about the mafia and what is your message? >> they are always going to have a fascination because so many people think it is make believe. but it isn't it is real lie. >> now you are trying to -- nine of 19 of sammy "the bull" gravano's victims are banning together to try and expand the son of sam laws. you want to expand it to the relatives? >> not exactly correct. right now there's about three or four families that are onboard. we had our legal action against sammy when his book came out through the state of arizona that has been resolved. with karen's book she wants to make it, it is just underboss part 2 or a retelling of the same story. she should not be able to profit from her father's life. but to put night the gravano bank account. >> some would say, she is not responsible for her father's
looking good. later in the half, problems for virginia, though. sammy, pass stolen by james mcadoo. up 35-32 at the break. second half, backs come virginia, joe harris for three. buries it. cavs take a 47-30 lead. john henson, taking a look, sweet pass to zeller, north carolina beats virginia 70-52, the cavs record falls to 6 and 4 in the conference. in the patriot league, navy against army. second half, mid shipman with the ball. strain hits the jumper. i want winners. right, a good win. game tied at 45 after regulations, so we go to overtime. in o.t., six seconds to go. maxwell lennox, drives, spin move, gets it to go. tied at 36, we're going to a second overtime in double o.t. wins, drives, not winning here, gets blocked by ella ellis. josh herbeck, he had a game high 19 points, army defeats navy. elsewhere in the pa elsewhere -- utah hosting sugar rogers and georgetown. first half off the huskies miss. rogers in transition. she's just going to pull-up. knock down the three-pointer. she had ten points, but the hoyas trailed 41-18 at the half. second half, georgetown's reub lee wright.
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time i went and lauren oliver was here and gregory peck was here, sammy davis was behind me. i've been going to that thing for many years. >> all the talk has been about the movie "the artist." >> everyone from this kid at harvard who has a program of predicting the oscars to all the people that are in what i call the blogosphere, everyone seems to think it is a foregone conclusion that the artist has won this. it doesn't sound like it will be the year of the american film. >> maybe it will. the americans are not out of the picture. some -- there is stephen spielberg's "war horse." there is the movie "hugo" and woody allen's romantic comedy, "midnight in paris." >> "the help" a story about racial contentions in mississippi is another trying for best movie. >> that brings today's show to a close. for all of us here at "bbc world news america" thank you for watching. have a good weekend. >> make sense of international news at bbc.com/news. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at un
ranked north carolina. seconds remaining in the first half. sammy lets it fly from deep. got it! cavaliers up 30-26 at the half. now under 20 seconds to play in the game. tar heels up one. zeller drives and dunks. game high 20 points. north carolina edges virginia 54-51 is the final. let's go to bender arena. american hosting lafayette on senior day. nice day for those kids. first half, troy brewer, a senior with the steal and finish. american up 31-13 having their way with the leopards. later, another senior, charles hinkle. flips it behind his head. eagles win it in regular season finale. patriot league tournament starts wednesday. american is the three seed. >>> danica patrick is the first woman to win a nascar pole in 18 years. lap 29 a problem for danica. sliding all over the track. hits the wall. she would finish 38th. final lap another crash involving bush. dodging the huge 11-car accident, the 30 car. in 11th place as he rounded the final turn. are you kidding me? weaves his way through to win the checkered flag. his first career nascar victory. wow. that's pretty cool.
is on a break. sammy zabinsky will hit the three. cavaliers go on 0 a lead. the dunk. terps are pounded by virginia, 71-44. maryland falls to 5-7 in the a.c.c., virginia 7-5. it's the 11th game this season that virginia has held an owe pope exhibit under 50 pounds. >>> seth greenberg and virginia tech hoping to rebound from a heartbreaking loss in georgia tech. mfon udofia throws up a prayer and it is answered. timeout. the three at the buzzer is good. hokies age georgia tech 74-73 in o t. hokies are now 4-8 in a.c.c. play. >>> it was a homecoming game at fogy bottom. jorge washington hosting st. joseph's. gw led by 19. gw off and running. taylor to robert pellum in the alley oop. the colonials cut the deficit to four points. the hawks would add insurance. despite a big rally, gw falls at home to st. joe's, 73-66. george mason defeats lamar 75- 71 in a bracket buster matchup. >>> 10th ranked georgetown will be tipping things out at the top of the hour in providence. the top four teams earn a double bye into the quarter finals of the big east tournament in three weeks. but as j. t. iii
trouble. michael parker, bad pass. terps committed 15 turnovers. malcolm brock over to sammy galinsky. three-pointer, good. virginia outscores maryland 40-13 in the second half. cavs win big, 71-44. it's maryland's worse loss of the season. in blacksburg, virginia tech hosting georgia tech. hokies coming off a last-second defeat against florida state. six seconds to go. tied at 65. virginia tech with a chance to win it. eric green has it. chance to be a hero. uh-uh. off the mark. we're going to overtime. so in o.t., tied at 71. yellow jackets with the ball. udofia gets the tough shot to go. georgia texas tech takes a two- lead. three and a half seconds to go, eddie gets the pass to hudson. for the win! got it! before that, hudson had just two points in the game. coach seth greenberg loving it. the hokies win a thriller, 74-73 in overtime. >>> bracket buster saturday. george mason in traveling from beaumont texas to play the patriots, the lamarr university cardinals. george mason and lamarr meeting for just the second time ever. to fairfax, home of one of the best pep bands ever. the g
belonging to celine police chief sammy matthews. matthews and thrasher were side by side when thrasher saw the truck coming, he slammed his car in reverse, started backing up. the wood in the truck missed the police chief's car by four feet. >> wow! >> that was close. that's amazing that he was able to see the truck coming and put it in reverse and get out of there in time. did he notice the truck was going too fast for the curve? >> he said as soon as he saw it coming, he noouf it wknew it wa be bad. he wasn't hurt but he did walk away with a few tickets. took a hit on the wallet for sure. >>> i want you to look at this cell phone video that was just at the strf a homicide trial in albany, new york. this was just released by the albany times union after a great deal of consideration. the guy you're seeing in the middle of your screen in the blue track suit is 17-year-old tyler rhodes. the young guy you see here in the plaid shorts with the white t-shirt is jala vander horst. if you listen to the video, you start to understand that they're there for a fight. >> yo, yo, put the knife away.
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's what some of you had to say. our first comment coming tonight from sammy. sammy writes if the church wants to -- we always hear keep religious out of government. well it goes both ways. the government should stay out of the church's business. share your opinion, follow ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. >>> police are putting out a list on the city's most wanted. authorities today released these photos on some of the people they believe are committing violent crimes. this comes after a surge in violence in just the past week there have been 20 shootings in oakland that left five people dead and a number of others injured. >>> oakland police also showed off today some of the guns they've recovered after they were used in crimes. they say much of the violence could be related. >> there's a few linked to two rival groups in west oakland. we need the community to step forward with information on these acts of violence. >>> we are learning new information tonight about a small plane crash in fresno that killed the pilot. as alex savidge reports the aircraft had been stolen from buchanan fi
with justin bieber. the only thing is he fell flat playing sammy davis. because nobody even knows billy crystal played sammy davis. >> those of us who know his career know he's been doing sammy for years, so we're used to seeing him do that. fun show all the way around. good winner for hollywood. thank you very much. >> thanks, bruno. >> we'll be right back after this. yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for y
pointer, is good. so florida state's fans getting gi d dy. final seconds, virginia down 3. sammy zeglinski out to joe harris. great look to tie the game but doesn't fall. virginia defeated by florida state 58-55. the seminoles' 7th straight a.c.c. win. >> and seth is greenberg and virginia tech hosting clemson. midway through the 1st. er doian finney smith, miss thisfully pointer, but rankin the soaring one handed touch put back. they are 2-6 in a.c.c. play. >>> lots of good hoops today. the wizards and clippers later tonight. >> that does it for us at 6. we're back tonight at 10 and for the news edge at 11. >> hope you will be, too. bye bye   
gets with dustin bieber. >>gary: that was to get the 18-20 demographic. >>jan: and the back was sammy davis jr.. gary bettman did a lot of people to see the artist? >>jan: it is the academy of boats. they're the ones that count. thick now, people will see another they have won oscar awards. with >>jan: on this year they had circuslike. it was a true tribute to the movies. because everything in the movie theme. that was great. >>gary: meryl streep? >>jan: she is nothing like the royal street i spent the day with lunch she was here during a movie. she had a horrible stress. she didn't want any dress in the world. i know drag queens that would not be caught dead in that dress. q. does not stay greases. if this is a quick second from merrill street. >> when they called my name and had a feeling that i could hear how of america sank all know! what hurt? again? but, whatever. >>jan: there was a lot of scorsese. there was a great bit from christopher guest. this >>gary: is in jennifer lopez looked great. >>jan: she looks like the chrysler building in new york. track and she looked up the lis
lots of characters in my head. >> we have sammy davis, jr. mls maya angelo. mr. james brown. this is our narrator. we have earth ya kids, ms. rosa parks and ms. lena horn. >> how are you organizing the makeup, hair and wardrobe. we have a lot of people. >> well, i have not slept for two months, notwithstanding that i did not go to sleep last night. i'm just thankful that we have the privilege to do this here at the southeast tennis learning center and, thank god, parks and recs gives me the opportunity to do it >>> let's talk about the costume. the style changes, things change. >> i am a history junky. i go to consignment stores. i have donations. each year, children change and even the ones that were the same characters, you know, children grow. they grow the next year. >> right, right. >> thank you very much. this year's theme, jackie, is moving -- janice, i'm sorry. now you are getting all messed up. it's movement to mon umehs and it's those who played a very significant role to the civil rights movement. >> wow, this is my march. i remember my father telling me about the
. i said i cannot say that without getting sued. i have to have some proof. he said they sammy invoice for his share. and that is why we occupy. and we occupy. look at this can of coca-cola. it has three little polar bears and if you read this it says it take this number you donate $1 coca-cola will put an additional dollar to create a sanctuary for the endangered polar bear. i am an investigative reporter i am thinking why duple the bears a need a sanctuary? i thought the polar bear sanctuary was the polar cap? why are removing the polar bears? what is going on? i get a message. from the chief of intelligence of a free republic of the arctic who says you have to get up right now. right now. it isn't i lint off the north of alaska above the arctic circle son now awaiting for my staff to send me another message from santa's elves from the intelligence chief of the free republic of the arctic saying etak is expecting you. so i turned to a bad penny and said see if we can get a plane with skis on the ice he is a legendary whale hunter of the north slope of alaska and he does not waste his
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 114 (some duplicates have been removed)